YES Day Adventures: A Weekend of Family Fun

A Snow Day Promise: My Son's YES Day

Hello, fellow Everyday Mom Adventurers! This past weekend was an exciting one, beginning with a special promise I made to my son. Last Tuesday, as snow covered our town and schools closed, I found myself working remotely, unable to join in the winter fun. My daughter spent the day sledding with friends, but my son was stuck at home with me.

To make up for it, I offered him a "YES Day" - a whole day where my answer to his requests would be a resounding "yes!" (within reason, of course – I set some limits on budget and travel distance). The excitement in his eyes was priceless, and this Saturday was the day we fulfilled that promise.

Our YES Day adventure officially kicked off at noon, following my daughter's drop-off at school for her play rehearsal. As is often the case on weekends, my husband was working, a regular occurrence in his hospitality career where weekend shifts are typical. Braving the cold, which felt like single digits, my son and I started our journey. My son initially had grand plans of hiking or a trip to the Bronx Zoo, but the icy weather nudged us toward a cozier, indoor adventure.

A Toy Store Expedition

Our first stop was a local toy store. As we meandered through the aisles, my son's eyes danced over the shelves. He was momentarily tempted by another dinosaur and a pack of Pokémon cards, but after some deliberation, he decided against both. His discerning eye and thoughtful decision-making never cease to amaze me.

Next, we ventured to Target. Again, to my surprise, he browsed but didn’t feel compelled to pick anything off the shelves. His maturity and restraint were on full display – not what I had expected on a YES Day! However, his quest for the perfect toy continued as he requested to search on Amazon, where he finally found the toy he wanted.

An Unexpected Request

Despite our fun day out, the biting cold was a bit too much, and my son made a heartwarming request – another YES Day when the weather warms up. How could I say anything but yes? It was, after all, a YES Day!

Indoor Fun: Games and Laughter

Back at home, we warmed up with a variety of indoor games. We embarked on a treasure hunt, challenged each other in Uno, wrestled with dinosaurs and tested our strategic skills in checkers. The laughter and excitement that filled our home were a delightful contrast to the chilly weather outside.

Sundays: A Day for Family and Traditions

As the excitement of Saturday's YES Day wound down, we welcomed the familiar comfort of our Sunday routine. In our family, Sundays are sacred – a day dedicated to family time, especially with the grandparents. It's a tradition that has become a cherished part of our week.

After a leisurely morning, we headed to the grandparents' home, where a sense of familiarity and warmth greeted us. The kids, bubbling with stories, eagerly shared them with their grandparents. These moments of intergenerational bonding are priceless, bridging stories and experiences across different ages.

The highlight of our Sundays is undoubtedly the family dinner. Gathered around the dining table, we share meals that are as much about nourishing our bodies as they are about nurturing our connections with each other. Laughter, conversations, and sometimes spirited debates fill the air, creating memories that the kids, and we, cherish deeply.

Adding to the joy is the kids' cousin. Watching them play, scheme, and grow up together is a beautiful sight. They share a bond that’s unique to cousins – not just family but also friends, partners in crime, and co-adventurers in the journey of life.

Reflecting on a Weekend Full of Love

As we drove back home on Sunday evening, reflecting on the weekend, I realized how these two days encapsulated the essence of our family life. From the personalized adventure of a YES Day to the collective warmth of a family dinner, each moment was a thread in the fabric of our family story.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's these weekends that ground us, remind us of our values, and strengthen our bonds. Whether it’s through giving undivided attention to our children's whims or coming together as an extended family, these experiences are what make our journey as a family so rich and fulfilling.

YES Day Adventures: A Weekend of Family Fun

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