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Fun Little Toys

Flower Pool Floats (3 Pack) Swimming Rings

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$15.90 USD
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$15.90 USD
A Sea of Fun: Containing 3 inflatable floats, each pool tube will offer hours of joy on the water to children everywhere.
Individual pool floats have a diameter of 12.6", and space of 32.2" in the center, making it the perfect size for your little ones.
Blossom in the Sun: Our inflatable floats come beautifully designed with flowers, hearts, and more! Brighten a childa??s day with these inflatable floats.
Affordable and Safe: Parents can rest easy knowing that the pool floats are made with the children in mind, and are designed with the highest quality and care. A new playmat that is freshly printed may occur a slight odor. Just put the mat in a well-ventilated place for a few days and it does not smell anymore.
Shine a bright light on your sunny days without emptying your wallet with our inflatable floats.